the real me

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Why a Penguin for a jewelry company brand?  Because a friend of mine told me that you don't have to have a symbol of jewelry represent you just because you make jewelry.  This blew my mind.  It opened me up to think of a Brand as something I resonate with and believe in.  So the creative juices began and I scribbled one thing after another on napkins, receipts, paper plates, and I was having the hardest time liking anything I did forever.  Than a boyfriend asked me the question, do you collect anything?  I immediately laughed and said, when I was in second grade I collected penguins, and this is how I drew my penguin.  When I drew it he laughed and said he liked it because it was so simple and child like.  So the penguin is me... the 2nd grade child at heart me, a symbol of all the things I like in this world.  It's Fun!

He was wearing a Rolex watch and I blurted out everything these days has a crown on it, from Rolex watches to Budweiser Beer!  But, if I was to wear a crown it would be a three point crown for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The little crown on the child like penguin is the real me.  

It all fit.  The things I like, the things I believe in are the real me.  They also are you.

The picture above is when I had a kiosk at Downtown Disney, CA and I gave my logo to the marketing department to put it on the branded Disney signage.  The gentleman beside me is Sterling, he has been with Disney for 20 years and heads up the marketing department.  He said that I have the strongest brand since Nike that he's seen.  He wanted to come and take a picture with me because he thought that I have something special.