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Mom's Courage to Live Life in Spite of Deadly News

Time doesn't just fly it ROCKETS the older you get!  16 years ago in 2000 my young mother was given less than one year to live by an oncologist who gave her the news that she was stage 4, meaning terminal breast cancer. With a type of breast cancer that was really aggressive and very deadly.  I can only imagine what my mom thought.  Her age of 44 was probably second to her kids ages of 22, 16 and 14 and how much more of life she has to live.  What I can tell you is what she did.  Her and my dad went and got a bottle of wine and brought it home and shared with us three kids the news and then my dad prayed and we each got a small glass of wine to "Toast to LIFE."

I am blessed to say that my mom is 16 years a survivor!  I'll be sharing at other times her inspiration to Live Life with joy and purpose.  But right now at this point I wasn't concerned with jewelry or inspiration.  I could care less about any possession or place in the world, the only thing I cared about was her being with me.  I didn't show that either, but I know its true because tears are streaming down my face just thinking of that time.  After her double mastectomy, lymph-nodes removed, muscle from her chest wall and her back removed all the hair on her body gone from chemo and radiation and a thinness that looks sick rather than healthy, I can honestly say the battle was fierce, physically, emotionally and especially spiritually.  she knew God was with her but that wouldn't mean she wouldn't experience great loss, even if she did gain her life.  

In 2010 when I asked to borrow a necklace, she said sure "I don't wear it because I can't do the clasp."  This stuck with me because my mom is a can do person not a can't person especially over something so small.  

When I was teaching my 6th grade math and science class about the pulley system I used the example of your neck is a pivot, a part of the pulley system!  I then a though OMGness "I could use the mathematics of a pulley system to create a necklace that would stay secure on your neck without a clasp!" This was the beginning.  I think all things created begin with thoughts... I'm convinced that if you think it you can create it, for that is the connection that we have with God our creator.  His thoughts are higher than ours so this was an inspired thought from the maker of the heaven and the earth.  I just get to work it out.

Pretty cool.  My necklace design wasn't birthed in an art class, in a jewelry making session, in an art school or even design.  My gift of clear though was given to me in a 6th grade classroom that I was trying to make pulley systems relevant to young girls by explaining the reason why a clasp always comes to the front of the neck and it solved a problem for my mom and countless others.  

In the beginning I had the equation, next I had to discover my talent.  How?

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