Second year anniversary

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November 2, 2016 

my 2 year anniversary (World Series 2016 Cubs vrs. Indians Game 7)

Before I begin, I want to be completely truthful and vulnerable.  I have not wanted to blog because I don't see myself as a writer.  If anything I see myself as the anti writer.  The truth is I have avoided writing for others my whole life, instead I have talked or told stories.  I am incredibly dyslexic and it's not just in my typo's, grammar and spelling, its in ordering my thoughts.  They don't flow out in order, they often are backwards and scrambled.  In my mind it's like I hear them straight but don't see them so when I go to write I don't know how to visually have them come out.  So they're backwards and scrambled.  To over come the feeling of can't growing up I focused on Math and Science so that there would be something I could do.  I understand the feeling of can't but want to... Surprisingly, this is part of my joy in creating necklaces that someone who can't do a dainty clasp and turning the very difficult part of a clap into something they can do.  This is a joy that lights my face up and theirs at the same time.  incredible.

So I've chosen to begin this frightening task of writing on one simple truth that I won't be perfect in my stories, I won't be perfect in my editing and I won't be perfect in what I share with you... and you have a choice, you may think of me as not smart, only able to write at a 5th grade level or you can know that I will be far from perfect, far from smart or eloquent but I will be real.  In my stories you will see who I am, content with my short comings and confident in my strengths and that contentment is a beautiful thing to wear.     

You are welcome to be you on my site, explore the designs as though they are mathematical art pieces... geometry in motion and you may or may not get it.  That's ok, I'm sure you are stronger at understanding something that I know very little about.  So share your stories hear of your can'ts becoming cans.  Life is a battle, lets together fight for CAN. 

So here I go, my first post ever...