Actress, Venda D’Abato’s Story:  Venda underwent heart surgery in 1997 in an attempt to correct a rare heart condition which she battled for years, and nearly took her life.  Four years later in 2001 Venda was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, a daily battle which she nearly lost before the production of SANITARIUM began when she had a diabetes induced attack while driving on the highway. This car accident resulted in massive head and throat trauma. At the time, no one was sure she would ever fully recover, and the Creator of SANITARIUM (Kerry Valderrama) went out of his way to make sure she could fulfill her role as Reflection while still in recovery.  Having endured great physical challenges, it is a true testimony of determination and faith that she has continued to follow the path to her dream.

Venda’s necklace tells her story:  The pink and black theme is the perfect combination for Venda, a true story of perseverance; a road not without trouble yet strung with hope and love being made elegant in God’s hands.  Like all of Charise Noel’s necklaces, they are simply an overhand knot:  tie on and pull off!  It’s been my pleasure to tell Venda’s story…  May God bless your journey my friend!  - Charise Noel



Auntie:  My Auntie, is the one who would take me out of school when I was in elementary school just to take me out for ice cream!  Auntie is a second mom to me, making sure that I dressed modestly, was polite to others and that I was decent with boys.  She would cook tacos for 30 or more people every Tuesday at her house and made sure that she gave everyone who came to her house a hug.  I knew that she had Psoriasis really bad and eventually had rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in her hands, however I never knew the constant pain that she had in her hands and difficulty that she had doing clasps. She never changed her necklace, because the clasp was too small.  Now with the Charise Noel necklace, she is able to wear a variety of different styles of necklaces that are beautiful and feminine and she can wear them and change them out as much as she would like.  How awesome is that! Wear your story!



Doris Ann:  I took care of my grandma who had Parkinson and dementia at 89 years old. Every night we would read a devotional and pray together and she would close her eyes and pray for the day that she would be in heaven and when she would be healthy and whole again.  This brought tears to my eyes, knowing that she knew that she wasn't well, that her body was failing her.  Because of this, when she was able to tie on her necklace by herself, she smiled with joy, a beautiful confidence that shone from the inside.  Wear your story!


Christen Joy mother of 4 Boys:  Ferociously busy with 4 boys under the age of 7 years old and a set of twins, as well as being a night shift nurse at Pomona Valley Hospital, jewelry was the last thing on my mind.  I constantly said, "I don't wear jewelry, I don't have time!"  Than I bought the Brazilian necklace by Charise Noel to raise money to provide clean water along the Amazon River.  I thought the colors were cool and the design was so unique! Now I wear this necklace everyday because it's so Easy!  Wear your story!



Bridesmaid Shelby:  I can't believe how perfect this classic necklace is with my bridesmaid dress and so versatile, I can't wait to wear it with my jeans and T-Shirts as well! Wear your story!